Administrative Office

Key Functions

  1. Studies and recommends the organizational and functional set up of the Commission, and to upgrade and develop personnel skills through a comprehensive program, taking into special consideration issues of ethnicity and divergence in ethnic origins of the staff and the diversity of cultures of its ICC/IP clientele;
  2. Develops systematic records management including systems for participating in the electronic communications highway;
  3. Develops and maintain a personnel program which shall include recruitment, selection, appointment, transfer, performance evaluation and employee relations;
  4. Administers the Ancestral Domain Fund;
  5. Prepares the annual budget of the Commission in coordination with the Office on Policy, Planning, and Research, Department of Budget and Management and the Office of the President;
  6. Develops, maintains and administers the accounting and financial management and auditing systems of the Commission ;
  7. Exercises supervision and control over the implementation of internal auditing rules and regulations within the Commission, including all funds received by the Commission from whatever source for the implementation of its programs, projects and activities;
  8. Prepares the budget performance and financial statements for inclusion in the annual and other periodic reports of the Commission for submission to the Office of the President; and,
  9. Performs such other functions as the Chairperson of the NCIP may deem appropriate and necessary.