Legal Affairs Office

Key Functions

  1. Advises the NCIP on all legal matters concerning ICCs/IPs;
  2. Provides ICCs/IPs with legal assistance in litigation involving community interest;
  3. Acts as the general counsel of the NCIP in all cases, in collaboration with the Office of the Solicitor General;
  4. Conducts preliminary investigation on the basis of complaints filed by the ICCs/IPs against natural or judicial persons believed to have violated ICCs/IPs rights. On the basis of its findings, it shall initiate the filing of appropriate legal or administrative action to the Commission;
  5. Initiates legal or administrative action as the case may be, against any person or government agency believed to be have violated any of the rights of ICCs/IPs;
  6. Investigates and hears administrative cases filed against officers and employees of the NCIP; and, Performs such other functions as the Commission may deem appropriate and necessary.