Office on Education, Culture and Health

Key Functions

  1. Undertakes studies, plans, and programs and implements the same for the development of an indigenous curriculum and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the ICCs/IPs; Establishes and maintains a Museum, library and audio-visual arts center as a repository for the arts and culture of the IPs;
  2. Assists, promotes and supports community schools, both formal and non-formal, for the benefit of the local indigenous community, especially in areas where exiting educational facilities are not accessible to members of the indigenous group;
  3. Administers all scholarship programs and other educational projects intended for ICC/IP beneficiaries in coordination with the Department of Education, Culture and Sports and the Commission on Higher Education;
  4.  Provides for health programs and services to the ICCs/IPs and promotes indigenous health practices and the use of traditional medicine;
  5. Undertakes a special program which includes language and vocational training, public health and family assistance program and related subjects. It shall likewise generate the necessary funds and technical support from other sources to augment the available appropriation;
  6. Identifies members of ICCs/IPs for training in health profession and encourages and assist them to enroll in schools of medicine, nursing, medical technology, physical therapy and other allied courses;
  7. Deploys a representative in appropriate government offices who shall personally perform the foregoing tasks and who shall receive complaints from the ICCs/IPs and compel action from the concerned agency; and
  8. Monitors the activities of the National Museum and other similar government agencies generally intended to manage and preserve historical and archeological artifacts of the ICCs/IPs and shall be responsible for the implementation of such other functions as the Commission may deem appropriate and necessary.