Office on Policy, Planning and Research

Key Functions

  1. Compiles and updates listing of authentic IP organizations and leaders/ elders;
  2. Formulates appropriate policies and programs for ICCs/ IPs such as, but not limited to a Five-Year Master Plan for the ICCs/ IPs. The NCIP shall review the plan periodically and make modifications in accord with the changing situations;
  3. Undertakes the documentation of customary law and shall establish and maintains a Research Center that would serve as a repository of ethnographic information for monitoring, evaluation and policy formulation;
  4. Develops and maintains the management information system of the Commission;
  5. Conducts a population census of the ICCs/IPs including a sex-desegregated data base system in coordination with the National Statistics Office;
  6.  Assists the Congress in the formulation of appropriate legislation beneficial to the ICCs/IPs;
  7. Maintains a Policy Desk to provide technical assistance and serve as the organic linkage of the NCIP to the ARMM, through the Office of the Regional Governor and Office of the Speaker of the Regional Legislative Assembly, such as: Pertaining to the exercise of residual powers of the national government affecting the ICCs/IPs, such as, but not limited to: the protection of community intellectual rights;nationwide ethnographic research projects; census of ICCs/IPs, and the likeFormulation of policies, plans, and programs transcending the geographical boundaries of the ARMM and contiguous ethnographic regions, andOther policy issues as may be the subject of Memorandum of Agreement with the Office of the Regional Governor and the Office of the Speaker of the Regional Legislative Assembly; and
  8. Performs such other functions as the Commission may deem appropriate and necessary.