Office on Socio-Economic Services and Special Concerns

Key Functions

  1. Formulates and implements a program of action which will bring agro-technological development among the ICCs/IPs, building upon existing customary practices and traditions;
  2. Facilitates the delivery of socio-economic services to the ICCs/IPs communities including but not limited to infrastructure, extension, credit, financing, marketing, and other social services;
  3. Coordinates and collaborates with other government agencies for the formulation of policies, plans and programs that will ensure the alleviation, if not eradication, of poverty among ICCs/IPs;
  4. Promotes and encourages cooperatives in accordance with the beliefs, traditions, and customs of the ICCs/IPs;
  5. Assists ICCs/IPs and coordinates disaster and relief operations in ICC/IP communities affected by natural calamities, disaster, or catastrophes;
  6. Provides the Indigenous women, youth and elderly with programs/projects for the improvement of their socio-economic conditions; and
  7. Performs such other functions as the Commission may deem appropriate and necessary.